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Recruitment starts with filling in the application form, in which all possible customer requirements concerning the candidate and features of the job should be listed.

Our specialists help the customer fill in the application form.

Our specialist objectively assesses the requirements listed in the application and states whether it is possible to combine such requirements in one person or not, and how much the recruitment of such an expert may cost.

When all the details have been discussed, we start searching for candidates. We do this in many different ways, such as using:

  • Our own CV database, which has been built up over the past 12 years and which contains more than 70,000 CVs.

  • Direct search (Head Hunting). We thoroughly examine the particular segment of the market, and find companies whose employees we could attract and headhunt. We call them, meet them and try to persuade them.

  • External sources. We publish vacancies on Internet sites, in specialized publications and on TV. We also look for job applications in the mass media.

At this stage, our specialist makes a long list of all the potential candidates who meet the client’s requirements.

The specialist interviews each candidate in a personal meeting to check his or her professional and personal competencies and behaviour patterns. The specialist uses the structured interviews method and the case method of assessment.

Using the case method, we describe a certain hypothetical situation that allows us to find out whether the candidate had ever faced such tasks or not. This method helps us to estimate the appropriateness of his actions, and to know whether an answer is based on assumption or on real-life experience.

Alongside the case method, we use the projective questions method to find out about personal attitude to certain professional or life situations. Having heard the answers to the projective questions, we can judge a person's moral attitudes and education.

By using these test methods, we can confirm the results of our analysis and make them more precise.

Obtaining references is a very important stage of recruitment.

We usually take references from the penultimate place of work, since the candidate usually searches for a job with his employer knowing nothing about it. We observe confidentiality in connection with information about our candidates.

Our advisers get references in three ways - from managers, colleagues and subordinates - and thus we obtain information on form of management, on level of responsibility, on dealings with colleagues, and on conformity and tolerance.

Having assessed all the candidates, our specialist makes a short list which includes the best candidates, whom the employer can meet in person before making his decision..

We give guarantees on our services. Probation period for top managers is 6 months, for others - 3 months.

Throughout the probation period we observe how the specialist copes with tasks allocated to him.

If the specialist and the employer cannot get along with each other for any reason, we provide a free-of-charge single replacement. Under the guarantee, the whole search process starts again from the beginning.

For the period since our work began, 94 % of vacancies were filled without replacement and 6 % of vacancies were filled the second time.

Our standard terms are as follows:

  • The cost of our service for each hired candidate amounts to 18% of the candidate’s gross annual salary.

  • Payment is not due until the candidate starts work.

  • We guarantee a free-of-charge replacement during the trial period .

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