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The IBC Human Resources specialists are qualified to make assessment of the personnel by using two methods: Assessment Center and Mystery Shopping. Assessment Center is used to qualify different types of personnel in your company: starting from receptionists up to the top management people. Mystery Shopping as its name suggests is used mainly to assess the work of the sales staff in retail or bank business. If you are interested in any of these methods, please, contact the IBC office for further details. You may also see a detailed description of these methods below.

Mystery Shopping

Specially prepared Mystery Shoppers visit your business anonymously, to experience and evaluate the level of customer service provided, honesty, merchandising standards, quality of products and services

Experts say that it is ten times as expensive to find one new client as it is to keep an old one, but it is so easy to lose one! The most common reason is a low level of service.

  • 69% of customers change their service supplier due to long queues and the impolite attitude of the salesperson

  • 13 % dislike the quality of the services or products

  • only 9% change service supplier due to competitors tricks

  • and 3% simply move house... no-one's to blame

Each Mystery Shopper follows his/her own script. Our Agents visit one point of sales several times at different schedules to form an idea of what your regular customers usually see. Having talked to managers, the Agent fills in a special questionnaire, in which all the information of interest to the management is listed.

We give you a detailed report and recommendations on improving the quality and level of services. Using the results of the study, you and your employees will work on the "weak points" . Your customers will definitely notice this.

From our experince we can state that as soon as the personnel gets informed about the "Mystery Shopping" check-ups they immediately start to work better. The quality increases, but its only the beginning.

The IBC Mystery Shopping report gives you the following advantages:

  • you know the exact percentage of standard fulfilment in each shop, thus you can set a personal task for each manager to improve particular criteria in the next period.

  • you have detailed statistical data of the whole network on each criterion, thus educational programmes will be better targeted and more effective!

  • you have the rating of all the shops in the network, thus you can organize competition between shops and arrange prizes for the winners!

  • instead of subjective opinions on quality of services, you have exact figures – thus, you can tie wages to the achieved results!

Assessment Centre

This method helps you to estimate employees competence in game situations. Before making the assessment, we define and check particular competences needed for this or that activity.

We use the "case study" method for checking competences. We draw up individual cases for each competence. A case is constructed for each competence, by “playing through” which one can assess competence on a points system. Each employee solves the case situation separately, then an assessment of personal competences is given in points for each employee.

We can help you if you want to:

  • check adequacy for the job

  • discover potential for future managers (making up an internal personnel reserve)

  • discover weak areas in which training is needed.

  • know the loyalty to the company of its employees

Whatever you want to know about your employees can be revealed by the Assessment centre!

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